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December 20th, 2017

Let me guess.

You've been staring at that room for some time now and feel like devine intervention is likely the only way that colour is going to change?

but wait just a minute!!

....The tools are in the garage.

and, the colour chip has been scotch-taped to the wall since last year.

but.......................You can't seem to figure out how...

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This year, for the "Day of Caring", Moncton Headstart got a pleasant surprise from Asurion.  They agreed to send 40, yes Forty, of the their staff over for one full day to help with anything around the property.  Clare, Director of Moncton Headstart, decided that the exterior of the building was in dyer need of some painting.  Of course, Clare...

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Once in a while you come across something worth noting and just flat out worth talking about.  This is something I've told everyone I can get to listen. 

This person is a work colleague but more importantly a friend.  His business has done nothing but grow over the last two years and is grearing up for a lot more of...

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Win a FREE Room Painting!!!

April 19th, 2017


I know I've spent little time on this, but it's cause we're "busy" (lame attempt at an excuse)...

But fear not, you now stand to benefit from all of it.

Here's a quick little contest to get things rolling...simply post...

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Have you met Maggie Brown?

March 20th, 2017

Not all companies can boast having a Corporate Mascot...But just like Youppi, the Philly Phanatic and the San Diego Chicken, Maggie Brown is the talk to the town.  She exemplifies what the company stands for and takes her role very seriously.  As she begins her reign as Corporate Mascot, Maggie has many tasks, most notably Public Relations.  Maggie acts as...

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Project Portfolio

April 2nd, 2012

Beginning in 2003, when we completed the sanctuary portion of St-Augustine's Church, I developed an increasing desire to find larger and more difficult projects.  Heights and the constructing of Scaffolding have always been a passion of mine and since the business of painting is what i've become an expert at, the two merged perfectly with the projects of churches.  They...

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Why PrimeX? (Spring Flyer)

March 23rd, 2012

Why use PrimeX has become a great topic of conversation, especially at the most recent Calgary Home and Garden show.  Lot's of people gathered around as we told the story of the painting company who dared to be different.  It all started with a belief that hiring a company shouldn't involve creating work for...

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About PrimeX

October 3rd, 2011

Our passion is paint.
PrimeX Painting founder Frank Legacy began his love affair with the painting trade at age 16 when he painted a local high school with his father in his hometown of Campbellton, New Brunswick.

In the summer of 2001, he established his painting company in Moncton following...

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You golf, We paint!

April 20th, 2010

There’s no doubt about it—you appreciate quality, professionalism, efficiency and workmanship. We know, because you’ve been telling us.

It gives us great pleasure to hear from our clients, especially when they tell us selecting PrimeX for that...

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After a conversation with a friend last night, I came to a stark realization about the painting of Vinyl or Aluminum Siding.  Here's the realization, most people think they are doomed to replacing the entire product when they (1) don't like the colour anymore (2) feel the product is faded or (3) just think it's time for a change.  You...

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One of the most common questions I face when doing consultations with clients is the one about colours.  The underlying question is always the same:  “Did I pick a nice colour?  Do you think they work?”

Well here is the answer to this question for everyone.  It never matters what colour you chose. ...

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New Construction Procedures

October 22nd, 2008

Preparation Crew:  This is a very important stage of the work as the skeleton of the project is created.  The crew always begins with making sure the site is clean and free of dust.  We then spray all primer, sand all walls and prepare for the spraying of the trim, doors and closets.  After all this is done, the prep...

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Painting 101

June 10th, 2008

As we all know, painting is a pretty common home improvement topic. Although it is one of the simplest things you can do to improve the look of your house, it can be overwhelming when it comes to doing it right. I often find myself answering questions from clients and having to correct the advice they received from some of...

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