One of the most common questions I face when doing consultations with clients is the one about colours.  The underlying question is always the same:  “Did I pick a nice colour?  Do you think they work?”

Well here is the answer to this question for everyone.  It never matters what colour you chose.  That’s right, it doesn’t matter.  What matters are the accessories you have to go with these colours.  The accessories are what bring out the colour in the wall.  Therefore, you can have the most common colour used in the world, but if your accessories are geared towards a different colour, it will look bad.  Here is an example that I think will stand as a great indicator forever.  I had a client paint her living room and family room in a bright turquoise and purple (and I mean purple, very Barney like).  When we put the paint on, I remember the builder and the workers around the area saying “Wow, that’s a horrible colour for a nice house like this.”  This remained the opinion for the remainder of the construction period.  Although, once we finished the painting and the client moved in the furniture, everyone changed their opinions.  All the furniture was white leather, with a large white mantle around the fireplace, the artwork on the walls all contained subtle hints of the wall colours and the whole thing “Just Worked”. 
All of this to say, the question of “is it a nice colour?” has no backing…it’s all about the accessories.
Hint to Husbands:  If you’ve paid attention while reading the above comments, you’ll have figured out something really important…Changing a paint colour is not costly, changing the accessories around it, could be significant…Keep your chin up! 

What colours would you love to see in your home?  We'd love to know...


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