Have you met Maggie Brown?

March 20th, 2017

Not all companies can boast having a Corporate Mascot...But just like Youppi, the Philly Phanatic and the San Diego Chicken, Maggie Brown is the talk to the town.  She exemplifies what the company stands for and takes her role very seriously.  As she begins her reign as Corporate Mascot, Maggie has many tasks, most notably Public Relations.  Maggie acts as the liaison between PrimeX management and it's customer base.  Having met almost all PrimeX clients, Maggie can rest assured that clients, along with their children, have a link to PrimeX's brass. 

Being the business woman that she is, Maggie doesn't have much time for much after hours socializing.  But here are some of her favorite activities.

She enjoys long walks in the woods (the beach is ok, but her nose gets full of sand and that can be annoying).

Her favorite sports involve the likes of Catch and Fetch.  Two very distinct activities according to Maggie.  One involves great mouth to ball coordination, the other, speed and stamina.

Her favourite Television shows are 'Cesar Millan - Dog Whisperer' and pretty much anything on 'Animal Planet'.  But, her true love is for 'House'.  She can't get enough of his sarcastic ways and cunning personality.

Her taste in men is a where Maggie gets a little weak in the legs (sorry, no knees), she has a certain weakness for tall, handsome men. 

So, what does Maggie do on a day to day basis you may wonder.  Well, for starters, Maggie is dedicated to her life at home and taking care of her toys, a major priority of hers.  Maggie only works half days in order to satisfy these priorities.  She usually gets up fairly early to make sure she's had time for outside duties and a bit of time with the likes of Fluffy, Honey, Squeaky and Kong Wooba. Afterwards, she gets into the truck and gets going to meet prospective clients.  Sometimes even stopping for a complimentary TimBit at her local Tim's.  But for the most part, Maggie is a Starbucks girl.  She describes the Choco-Banana bread as, To Die For.  Not free though.

Afterwards, she usually stops off at a park for a late morning break, runs after a few balls and then retires to her plush basket for an afternoon of siesta.  Her nightlife usually involves planning for the day ahead, but she sure enjoys impromptu visits from friends and clients.  Uncontrollable tail wagging and some well mannered barking are usually signs of excitement.

Well, that quickly sums up Maggie Brown.  For more information, you can ask her yourself through her own email address.


She answers every one!



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As soon as I have the Jpegs of the business cards, I can blog about this .... I really like what you have done here with this ...

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