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April 2nd, 2012

Beginning in 2003, when we completed the sanctuary portion of St-Augustine's Church, I developed an increasing desire to find larger and more difficult projects.  Heights and the constructing of Scaffolding have always been a passion of mine and since the business of painting is what i've become an expert at, the two merged perfectly with the projects of churches.  They vary dramatically from one to the other and there are no set rules or blue prints on how to complete them.  An ability to think quickly and to make safe and practical decisions are the difference between being on-time or having an upset client.  

All of the following were completed within 10 days of the start.  None of them ever had any more than 7 employees, with the least having 4.   Our clients proclaimed us miracle workers, but i think we just always had a sound plan that was researched and backed with years of experience.  But most of all, it was fueled by passion and that always wins!!




St-Anselme's Parish Church Spring of 2011




Before Pictures.  Sorry for the low resolution of this one.  The church is primarily white with blue and darker blue accent mouldings.  All mouldings are on average 8 inches wide pieces of moulded wood.  Some of which were metal flashing and some plaster.




A better view of the before (in progress) picture.  At this juncture, we had 3 shades of colour on the ceilings.  A dark ivory on the main areas, trimmed out with a caramel like brown for the mouldings and a darker brown for the mid-wall mouldings and column caps.  The front sanctuary ceiling contains a 4th colour for its primary ceiling colour (a lighter off white).



The finish product, which is not done much justice by this picture.  The blend of all the colours makes for a very bright and spectacular contrast.  The statues on the walls and the thousands of feet of moulding stand out so much better.  Everyone loved it!




St-Augustine's Church, Fall of 2005.  




The incredibly smoke stained ceilings were the primary reason for this projects existence.  Years of burning candles and oil heat left the ceilings, which are well out of reach of anyone, very dirty.  200+ gallons of paint were needed to coat them properly.  Each section of scaffolding spans upward 5 feet.  Notice how it's still 1 full section away from the top.  




The after shot is very telling of how clean and bright the new paint looks.  Unlike the before picture, this picture is from the front and looking to the back of the church. 




St-Dunstan's Parish.  Fall of 2010




A very low-light shot of the before picture.  For obvious reasons, this church needed a colour makeover.  The lights hung so low that the upper portions of the ceilings were permanently dark.  The previous colours were dark and unreflective of the light.  This was our highest and most difficult of access projects.  As you can see, i'm standing at the front of the church.  65+ feet away from reaching the top.  




The after shot shows a distinct improvement on lighting.  The ceilings were done in a creamy ivory colour, while all the columns were hand painted with a golden yellow colour.  Each column needed well over a gallon of paint on its own.  Almost 200 gallons were used on both the ceilings and columns.  Not our most material heavy project, but the heights and sweltering heats at the top, made for it being the most difficult project.



St-Thomas Aquinas, Winter of 2009



This was probably our most dated of colour schemes prior to starting.  It was over 30 years since the walls and ceilings had been painted.  Overall, it was the easiest access project in terms of height and scaffolding requirements, but due to the extremely dry stucco ceilings and many many back rooms and stairwells, we spent the most man hours and most materials.




The finished product.  Again consistent with the brighter main colour and the more golden of colours for the accents.  it truly ended up making a significant difference in appearance.  Everyone loved it and felt it to be a much more welcoming environment to be in.




More projects will be uploaded soon.  But these are obviously our most difficult ones and thus our most cherished accomplishments.

It's worth noting that these projects are few and far between, the bulk of our work remains residential repaints and will always be the main focus of the business.

After these pictures, do you think we can handle your property?  Give us a call, you won't be disappointed!




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