This year, for the "Day of Caring", Moncton Headstart got a pleasant surprise from Asurion.  They agreed to send 40, yes Forty, of the their staff over for one full day to help with anything around the property.  Clare, Director of Moncton Headstart, decided that the exterior of the building was in dyer need of some painting.  Of course, Clare doesn't venture down the painting trail very far without first consulting us.  The phone call came and Clare asked if PrimeX could supervise the volunteers, who would, in one working day, tackle the entire exterior of the building.  My first reaction...No Problem!  Let's do it!  I told Clare I'd supervise, bring a couple of employees and take care of business...Well, did I ever underestimate the magnitude of managing 40 people with no painting experience.  Thank goodness we had 40 of them...We started at 9am and by 4pm had 30 gallons of paint on the walls and the building finished...I was spent from my constant walk around the building and Clare was delighted at the outcome.  Who knew, with a little guidance, 40 novices painted a whole building.  I loved the experience and would love to do it all over again...Oh, and I also made it a point of learning all 40 names of the volunteers by days end...Mission accomplished!


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