Win a FREE Room Painting!!!

April 19th, 2017


I know I've spent little time on this, but it's cause we're "busy" (lame attempt at an excuse)...

But fear not, you now stand to benefit from all of it.

Here's a quick little contest to get things rolling...simply post on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE WALL  that you'd like to get the colour changed in a room of your house...after 2 weeks (May 3rd), i'll draw a name and post the winner on the page.

What do you WIN?

We'll do a wall makeover in one room in your home...Paint and Labour included.  You choose the colour, we'll put two coats on the walls...

The infamous PrimeX T-Shirt with our trademark giant orange 'X' on the back

i know winter's over, but we still have some colourful PrimeX toques...Black, White, Orange, Blue or Pink!

here's how you participate in our latest contest:

Simply go to the 'PrimeX Painting Fan Page' and post a comment on 'our' wall (if you’re not a ‘FAN’ yet, please sign up).  You can say whatever you want, as long as we can interpret it as you wanting us to paint for you...I may even offer up a second ballot for those who are creative or maybe even post a picture of the room in question...So, NO rules, just make it clear on *OUR* page that you want it...

here are some examples of WALL POSTS to get the juices flowing:

1- Pleeeaaaaaaassssssee Paint my Bedroom!

2- Dear Sir, i would enjoy the opportunity to participate in said contest. My laboratory is in need of a new application of Paint.

3- I Love you Frank! PrimeX is the best Painting company known to Mankind. Please do us the honour of painting our kitchen...

4 - Frank, You Suck! but i'd love to have my Furnace Room done for free.

I think that covers all the angles...Let the contest begin!

BTW, if you are an out-of-towner, we'll gladly ship you some cool PrimeX Schwag instead!

Sound Easy?

it is!  Now go post which room you want done and we'll put your name into the giant contest tumbler (actually more like a bowl on my desk)  SAME!!!



2 Responses to “Win a FREE Room Painting!!!”

I read that the out of town guests can get some free swag, but I'm only interested in the toque if it visits me while worn by the Primex Founder ;) As a side note, all of my walls are standard prison issue grey, and Kyle and Kristin have booger green walls on their lower level. That makes two customers in the lovely town of FSJ!

Everything in my house is the same colour except one wall in the kitchen which is red. It would be nice if PrimeX would paint one room in the house to break up the colour flow. Also I am very impressed with your advertising. Thank you Tammy Gagnon

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