Why PrimeX? (Spring Flyer)

March 23rd, 2012

Why use PrimeX has become a great topic of conversation, especially at the most recent Calgary Home and Garden show.  Lot's of people gathered around as we told the story of the painting company who dared to be different.  It all started with a belief that hiring a company shouldn't involve creating work for the homeowner.  So we decided to put forth an initiative that would see the project start and finish with as little impact on the clients lives as possible.  What this boils down to, is that you come home to a clean house every evening of the project.  Never will you have tools or drop sheets or even dust laying around.  We will fully clean, vacuum and even mop your floors before we leave.  That way, you can truly feel that you have left the 'entire' project in the hands of someone committed to making your life easier. You can trust us when we say, we are in the business of building happy, raving clients.  Long term relationships and satisfied clients makes us what we've become over the last 11 years.   


Are you being treated this well?



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