New Construction Procedures

October 22nd, 2008

Preparation Crew:  This is a very important stage of the work as the skeleton of the project is created.  The crew always begins with making sure the site is clean and free of dust.  We then spray all primer, sand all walls and prepare for the spraying of the trim, doors and closets.  After all this is done, the prep crew will remove all tape from hinges and plastic from windows, make sure all the walls are sanded and leave the area clean for the 1st coat crew to come and paint.

First Coat crew:  Although the job of the first coat crew is, like the name says, they still take responsibility for checking over the areas done by the prep crew.  A second set of eyes looking over the job helps make sure fewer mistakes are made.   When really dark colours are used, the crew will place two coats on areas that they feel will require a third coat at the finish stage. 

Stair crew:  This crew is responsible for staining and varnishing of the stair systems.  Staining is only required when the stairs are to match the colour of the hardwood (which has been stained).  Once this is done, the varnishing can begin, we use one of two systems to get our three coats of varnish on.  A spray application of a lacquer based product for the first two coats, with one coat by hand done after all the painting has been done, to ensure that no scratches or damage has been done to the stairs and also to ensure that no dust is stirred up during the final application.  The second system has the crew apply three coats of the finish product by hand.  This takes more time, but is sometimes easier to schedule around other trades.

Second coat crew:  This is the most important stage as it will be the last team to have a part in the finish product before it is handed over to the client/contractor for closing.  This stage always starts with the inspection of all trim and walls for imperfections that may cause the finish product to suffer.  Once all the walls have been checked and the  repairs of imperfections done, they apply the last coat of fresh paint and walk out so that the client/homeowner can walk in.

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